Welcome to Compass Cider!

The Lounge

Our Cider Lounge is one of a kind — you can taste and enjoy our super premium Blossomwood Ciders and our craft premium Compass Ciders in one location, paired with chef inspired gourmet small plates. The design of our Cider Lounge creates a natural extension of Old Town’s upbeat, relaxed environment. A place where you and your friends could sneak off to and enjoy the sights and sounds of Old Town at the end of your evening. We also make our indoor and outdoor facilities available to private parties and Meetup groups. 

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The Cidery

With names like Golden Arrow, 11 Stitches, and Divide, how can you not be intrigued? Cider apples and Perry Pear varieties are quite different from their “dessert” cousins you get in a grocery store. They make the best cider and perry, but are not really good for eating. Dessert fruit is good for eating, but not necessarily the best for making cider or perry. We grow over 170 varieties of Cider and Perry fruit trees at the Blossomwood Orchard in Cedaredge, Colorado to make our Blossomwood and Compass Ciders. 

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The Food

We wanted unique, fresh, locally sourced food paired specifically to our premium Ciders and Perry to provide the best tasting experience possible in our Cider Lounge. We have created an exquisite small plate menu to compliment our premium Ciders and Perry.

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